Welcome To Saxlingham Players

On Tuesday 16th of August we will be holding a read through of our next production. This will be at Saxlingham Nethergate Village Hall at 7:30pm.
Yes! Itís pantomime time and this year we will be performing Robin Hood and The Babes in The Wood directed by Ron Jeffery. There will be a variety of parts up for grabs so come along and join us whether you would like a main part, small animal part or chorus.

Donít worry if acting is not your thing. There are plenty of opportunities front of house and backstage.

This invitation is open to all ages. Look forward to seeing you there!


Come and be a part of our twice yearly productions, be it acting or behind the scenes, also relax at our enjoyable social events we hold throughout the year.

Join in the fun by becoming a member of the Saxlingham Players
~~ We look forward to welcoming you ~~