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The Boy Who Fell Into A Book - November 2011

 Some of the cast at rehearsals


Photos by kind permission of Ross Jolliffe


Rockfist Slim Kevin with Monique and Rockfist Slim
Mat Briggs (Rockfist Slim) Amelia Kirkby (Monique) Richard Pye (Kevin) Mat Briggs




 Kevin with Rockfist Slim and Monique Kevin with finctional characters


Kevin with Chess pieces Directo Jackie Lee-Smith with headless monk

Chess Pieces with Kevin
Audrey Jolliffe (White Queen), Clifford Lee-Smith (A Red Knight), Adrian Miller (A Red Bishop)

DIRECTOR - Jackie Lee-Smith
with Patrick Lee-Smith (the headless monk)


Some of the cast at rehearsals

Just some of the cast appearing in 'The Boy Who Fell Into A Book'