June 2010

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NODA EAST District 5

Dear Ron,

Thank you very much for the invitation to see Saxlingham Players in their production of ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream'; in spite of the mixed weather conditions it was an enjoyable production, but how perfect it would have been on a balmy sunlit evening in that perfect setting.

An excellent adaptation of the play with strong dialogue delivered well, I must congratulate actors and sound engineer for the clarity of diction so that we did not miss a word (even in that wind).  Well cast with a mix of ages making the piece credible: dignity and style from John Rockcliff and Judy Munby (Theseus and Hippolyta) and David Atkinson (Egeus); these well matched by the younger generation of lovers, how good to see the correct age playing these roles, good voices and reactions throughout, certainly quite believable in their situations with despair and hope and love, Adrian Miller (Lysander), Mat Briggs (Demetrius), Christine Osborne (Hermia), and Lucy Finnie (Helena) really pointed the story well.  The mechanicals with their rehearsals and play provided the lighter touch and amusement, led by a very strong performance from Mike Pye that dominated this part of the action, his Bottom was excellent.  Some good support in the ‘acting' finale from Neil Smith as Flute, but all the team under the command of Vicky Stocks as Madam Quince (author) gave good entertainment value.  And to the immortals, firstly how they delighted the eye with makeup and costume, and then to the standard of realisation: Angela Rowe (Titania), Clifford Lee-Smith (Oberon), and not forgetting Richard Pye as Puck enchanted us all as well as the Athenians, a very high standard of line delivery and acting (and the presence of Puck and Oberon up in that magnificent tree watching during dialogue was a brilliant touch).  The ‘aah' factor completed with the array of fairies, and all complimented by the link musicians.  Just hope that the weather was kinder at other performances and that the run went well.

A warm welcome to all associated with NODA, hopefully you will meet many new thespian friends.  Look at the NODA website.  Do invite me to your next production.



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